Hedgehog Foot Massager Ball

Color & Size
Black (3.5 in.)
Black (2.95 in.)
Red (3.5 in.)
Red (2.95 in.)
Aqua Blue (2.95 in.)
Sky Blue (3.5 in.)
Sky Blue (2.95 in.)
Green (3.5 in.)
Green (2.95 in.)
Grey (3.5 in.)
Grey (2.95 in.)
Pink (3.5 in.)
Pink (2.95 in.)
Purple (3.5 in.)
Purple (2.95 in.)
Yellow (3.5 in.)
Yellow (2.95 in.)

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✅ Foot & Muscle Pain Relief Massager Ball


  • Convenient and long-lasting relaxation
  • Massage your sore muscles anywhere
  • Relieve stiff muscles after exercising
  • Relax muscles & improve blood circulation
  • Enjoy long-lasting muscle relaxation any time

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  • Massage acupuncture or injury points help heal common injuries
  • Physiotherapy rehabilitation from muscle massage can be used to treat a wide variety of injuries, from sports injuries to car accident injuries
  • Strength rehabilitation can help to restore physical and mental function, as well as improve emotional well-being
  • A daily half-hour massage can do wonders for your physical and psychological exhaustion and regulate the endocrine circulation

Multiuse Massager Tool


  • High-grade silica gel professional massage balls are environmentally-friendly and healthy
  • Light and compact design, you can carry around
  • Simple, natural way to feel better and reduce stress
  • Easy to clean, so you can use it with ease
  • Suitable for: Hand, Foot, Ankle, Arm, Neck, and Back

Brand: Posture Perfect

Material: PVC

Diameter:3.5 in., 2.95 in.

Color: aqua green, bright green, black, grey, sky blue, red, pink, yellow, purple

 Package includes:1x fitness ball