Hedgehog Foot Massager Ball

Color & Size
Black (3.5 in.)
Black (2.95 in.)
Red (3.5 in.)
Red (2.95 in.)
Aqua Blue (2.95 in.)
Sky Blue (3.5 in.)
Sky Blue (2.95 in.)
Green (3.5 in.)
Green (2.95 in.)
Grey (3.5 in.)
Grey (2.95 in.)
Pink (3.5 in.)
Pink (2.95 in.)
Purple (3.5 in.)
Purple (2.95 in.)
Yellow (3.5 in.)
Yellow (2.95 in.)

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✅ Lightweight, On-the-Go Foot Massager Ball


  • Convenience to massage yourself at any time to relieve fatigue
  • Can massage your back to relax the muscles and improve blood circulation
  • Relax tensed muscles after exercise


  • 100% new material.
  • Good color, no smell, children and pregnant women can use at ease.
  • Professional massage balls made of high-grade silica gel are environmentally friendly and healthy.
  • Massage acupuncture points or the trigger point of injury has a good effect.
  • Light and compact design, you can carry around.
  • It is easy to clean, so you can use it at ease.
  • Half an hour's massage every day can eliminate your physical and psychological exhaustion and also regulate endocrine circulation.
  • Suitable For: Hand, foot, Palm, ankle, arm, neck, and back. whole body massage


  • Can be used for palm or sole squeezing massage
  • Physiotherapy rehabilitation
  • Strength rehabilitation after trauma
  • Stroke hemiplegia physiotherapy
  • Elderly and young people.
  • Strength training for children.

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Brand: Posture Perfect

Material: PVC

Diameter: 3.5 in., 2.95 in.

Color: aqua green, bright green, black, grey, sky blue, red, pink, yellow, purple

 Package includes: 1x fitness ball