Muscle Imbalances

Your body consists of muscles that work both together and against each other to provide both strength and movement. When these muscles are over or underactive, they become imbalanced. It is important to address poor posture caused by muscle imbalance, as it can cause significant discomfort and pain. Posture Perfect can help you correct your posture and reduce muscle imbalances with our own line of unique and affordable orthopedic devices. Here is some more information on muscle imbalances and how to help prevent them.

What Are Some Causes of Muscle Imbalances?

Muscular imbalance is an imbalance between two muscles or muscle groups that have opposite functions. Muscular imbalance is usually caused by incorrect or excessive stress on muscles.

Some causes of this include sitting for long periods, poor posture, lack of correct exercise, or bone deformities. If muscles that perform static holding tasks are affected by poor posture, they usually weaken. The other muscles then have to work extra hard to compensate for it.

By repeating an activity in a certain inappropriate way, like hunching your back when working at a desk, certain muscles are excessively stressed and other muscles remain underused.

Does Good Posture Decrease Muscle Imbalances?

The most common type of muscle imbalance is when the chest and trapezii muscles are overdeveloped compared to the scapular region and the upper back.

Help yourself by correcting how you sit, and try to keep your body in an upright position, retracting your shoulders and straightening your back. Also, avoid what is commonly known as “text neck”. This is when we look down too much at our phone or a book.

Strengthening your spinal muscles and your core will help with your posture, making your muscles stronger to distribute forces equally through your body. Here are some types of back support for muscle imbalances.

How Do Back Support Braces Reduce Muscle Imbalances?

A back brace can help unload some of the weight normally placed on the lower back and reduce pressure on the spine's joints, discs, and muscles. A back brace serves as an external stabilizer with a constant presence. It allows the core muscles that are supporting your spine to relax.

Back braces can help you keep better posture and in turn help your muscle imbalance. However, it is still important to be aware of your posture when you are not wearing it and work towards strengthening the muscles. If you need back support for muscle imbalances, try a back brace.

How Do Muscle Massage Guns Reduce Muscle Imbalance Pain?

Using a massage gun, combined with an appropriate dynamic warm-up, can help activate muscle groups and reduce the pain associated with muscle imbalances.

Percussive massage therapy can help lengthen your hamstrings, hip flexors, and back after a long day of sitting. Not only are they beneficial long-term, but they are also relaxing and can save you from a trip to a massage therapist. Massage guns are a great way to get back support for muscle imbalances.

How Do Muscle Back Stretchers Reduce Muscle Imbalance Pain?

There are many benefits to using a muscle back stretcher for muscle imbalances. When you're in pain, it's easy to want to lie down or remain stationary. However, being in one position too long isn't good for your body.

Exercise and stretching help mitigate muscle imbalances and promote a healthy back. Muscle back stretchers allow you to stretch your back muscles in ways you probably can’t normally.

Bottomline: Do Posture Perfect's Orthopedic Devices Reduce Muscle Pain?

Posture Perfect makes achieving a great posture simple. Our ergonomically designed chiropractic devices are reliable, discrete, and safe. You can say goodbye to the shoulder issues, slouching, and back pain that is associated with poor posture. Here at Posture Perfect, our goal is to design innovative products that allow you to keep your body safe, fit, and pain-free without having to leave home. Check out our selection of products for back support for muscle imbalances. For more information, contact us today. Take the first step to fixing your posture and muscle imbalances today.