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“Poor” posture is defined as when our spine is positioned in unnatural positions, in which the curves are emphasized and this results in the joints, muscles and vertebrae being in stressful positions. Unfortunately, poor posture and the pain associated with it is quite common. Modern day posture, or lack thereof, is a major contributing factor to the back and neck pain millions of Americans experience on a daily basis.

There are posture corrector devices that can help you improve your posture and relieve any pain associated with it. Here is some more information on posture and how you can take the first step to improving it over time.

What Is Bad Posture and How Does it Impact Us?

Bad posture can be due to many things in our day to day life, including muscle weakness, using technology, sitting at a desk for a long time, injuries, and much more.

Many people forget to focus on their posture because concentrating on other tasks (such as work) can direct attention away from any feelings of physical discomfort. This allows people to be experiencing the side effects of poor posture but not notice until it becomes worse.

It should come as no surprise that bad posture has a massive impact on our long-term health. When you slouch for a prolonged period of time, you fundamentally alter the structure of your back, which ultimately leads to tremendous problems later on in life. These issues can range from headaches, muscle fatigue, body aches, back pain and discomfort, to poor focus, and general feelings of unhappiness.

Over time, poor posture that demands support from phasic fibers causes the deeper supporting muscles to waste away from lack of use. Years of slouching wears away at your spine to make it more fragile and prone to injury. Slumped posture can even make it more difficult to digest the food you eat and breathe comfortably. With poor posture, you have restricted, shallow breathing. When you stand up straight, your lungs have room to take in more air. According to Harvard Health, researchers are investigating possible connections between bad posture and sleep disturbances, fatigue, and mood disorders. Poor posture can even affect your life expectancy.

While there is no “perfect posture”, there is definitely good posture. Good posture refers to having a neutral spine, where your muscle groups, joints, and ligaments are aligned in a way that reduces stress on them, keeps your body flexible, reduces fatigue, and helps maintain your balance.

Posture is not only about how well you sit, but how well you move and go about your daily life. How you hold yourself when you’re not moving, such as when you’re sitting, standing, or sleeping, is called static posture. Dynamic posture is how you position your body while you’re moving, like walking or bending over to pick something up. Make sure to consider both when it comes to improving your posture.

How Common Is Bad Posture?

According to the National Institute of Health, more than 80 percent of all Americans at some time in their lives have experienced back pain. Most cases of back pain can be associated with poor posture. In fact, a study done by the American Chiropractic Association, shows that over 31 million Americans suffer from poor posture at any one time.

Sitting at a computer for hours on end with a tilted pelvis, slumped shoulders, and a forward head carriage is a reality for so many of us. We’re all guilty of poor posture sometimes – fatigued at the end of a long day, a tough workout at the gym, poorly designed workspaces, or just a bad night of sleep.

What Are Posture Correcting Devices?

The good news about bad posture is that it can be corrected and the pain caused by it can be treated. You can correct your posture yourself, but if you have been used to slouching and rounding your back for a long time, trying to fix it can feel unnatural. Many people need help fixing their posture and maintaining it the proper way. Studies have shown that the majority of people would majorly benefit from using a posture correcting device.

Proper posture doesn’t always feel correct on its own. Especially if you have been slouching for years. If you need help correcting your posture and living a pain-free life, try one of Posture Perfect’s posture correcting devices.

Back Braces

Posture Perfect offers three types of back braces designed to help improve posture. We have the Original Posture Corrector Device, the Lightweight version, and the Smart Posture Brace.

Our Original Posture Corrector Device is a comprehensive body brace designed to facilitate good posture each and every day. Made from high-tech stretchy neoprene material, the brace can be worn comfortably at work, the gym, and even under your clothes to ensure that you can practice safe and effective posture all day long.

Our Lightweight Posture Perfect brace is a lighter, more mobile version of our Original Posture Perfect Device. While still providing you with the perfect amount of support, the brace is even more lightweight and concealable!

Utilizing smart technology, our Smart Posture Brace can identify when you begin to slip out of correct posture. When this happens, it begins to vibrate softly, reminding you to hold your head, back, and shoulders in the correct position for optimum posture all day long.

You want to feel comfortable when wearing a back brace, which is why we’ve designed our Smart Posture device with ergonomic technology, making it lightweight and comfortable, naturally aligning to the curve of your back.

With a simple, comfortable, and active back brace, you can completely correct your lumbar posture and rid yourself from shoulder discomfort, back discomfort, and so much more.

Waiting around for your posture to correct itself is simply a lost cause. Our posture correction device easily guides your body into a tight, upright posture from the moment you put it on. If you wear your brand new Posture Perfect corrector brace for just one hour per day for a total of two weeks, you'll experience undeniable results!

Muscle Massage Gun

Posture Perfect’s percussion massager gun is a one-of-a-kind way to ease your aches and pains, recover after an intense workout, or just relax when you need to loosen up. With our high-powered LCD Massage Gun, you can give yourself a whole-body massage that targets and revitalizes all of your core muscle groups, helping you get back into action quickly and safely.

The Massage Gun is designed to contract and relax your muscles to promote recovery. . When you use your personal Massage Gun, you’ll instantly reduce stress by putting your muscles into a state of pure relaxation. Using the Massage Gun also improves blood flow, ensuring that every inch of your body receives oxygen-rich blood all day long.

The Muscle Massage Fun isn’t only for before and after exercise. It can do wonders to help alleviate the back, shoulder, and neck pain associated with poor posture. A massage gun delivers strong pulses and vibrations into the muscle tissue, promoting better circulation. Efficient supply of oxygen to muscle tissues can alleviate pain and help with recovery.

Multi-level Back Stretcher

Our Chiropractic Multi-Level Back Stretcher is specifically designed to provide relief for lower back pain – a common symptom of spending too much time at your desk. Use our back stretcher daily to achieve maximum comfort and efficacy. With a three-tiered design, the back stretcher gives you three different modes to choose from. Perfect for relaxing your lower back muscles, relieving pain almost instantly, and helping your back muscles become stronger and more resilient.

Using the Multi-Level Back Stretcher is easy and fun. All you have to do is lay the tool on a flat surface with the arc facing upwards. Choose from one of the three included arc settings to target your back pain and push your muscles with every stretch. From there, all you have to do is remain in position for five to ten minutes to achieve maximum results. The textured arc and back panel is designed to provide massaging relief when you rub your body along the arc, while also helping to improve and increase blood flow to your critical lower back muscles.

Our Multi-Level Back Stretcher is designed to keep your body pain-free. Once and for all, it’s time to eliminate lower back pain from home – all without having to pay a visit to the chiropractor. Save time and money using Poor Posture’s array of quality orthopedic products.

Other Tips For Improving Your Posture

These posture corrector devices are a great way to work on improving your posture. There are also some other tips to consider to use alongside these devices. Some simple tips to begin reducing your pain and changing your posture include: taking breaks to move around and switch between sitting and standing, sitting further back on your chair and staying straight, and raising the height of your computer or phone so you aren’t looking down.

Make sure that computer screens and keyboards are at a height that encourages healthful posture. Desk chairs and work surfaces should also be at an appropriate height. In the same way, make sure your mattress is firm to give your spine proper support. Avoid using more than one pillow as that can cause strain on your neck and the top of your spine.

In order to maintain a relaxed yet supported posture, change positions frequently. Go take a walk or stretch when you can throughout the day. When standing, distribute body weight evenly to the front, back, and sides of the feet. Try to become more active. Exercise can help build up the muscles necessary for maintaining good posture. There are many good stretches you can do daily to help alleviate stress on the back. Some include the back extension, a bridge, a hip flexor stretch, and a quad stretch.

When you walk, stand, sit or run, make sure you are practicing good posture. If you notice that you are slouching or returning to previous habits of bad posture, correct your alignment right away. Becoming aware of posture and ergonomics at work, at home, and at play is a vital step towards instilling good posture and ergonomic techniques.

Why Choose Posture Perfect?

Posture Perfect makes achieving a great posture simple. Our ergonomically designed chiropractic devices are reliable, discrete, and safe. You can say goodbye to the shoulder issues, slouching, and back pain that are associated with poor posture.

Here at Posture Perfect, our goal is to design innovative products that allow you to keep your body safe, fit, and pain-free without having to leave home. All Posture Perfect orthopedic devices are made from durable, lightweight, and comfortable materials. They’re available in different sizes and adjustable, so they’re able to accommodate people of all body types. Make sure to check out our products on our “Shop Now” section on our website. Read the reviews from our satisfied customers to determine which device is the best fit for you.

Get in touch with us today and speak with a member from our team. We would be more than happy to answer your questions and provide you with the information you need. Try Posture Perfect today and feel better tomorrow!